Belgravia : How Do You Turn Old Buildings Into New?

… you needed to turn some buildings that already had that wear and tear into something incredibly new?

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Re-Creating L.A. Of The 1930s For Penny Dreadful : City Of Angels

When Showtime sought to re-create a ‘1938 Los Angeles’ for Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, it looked to visual effects from FuseFX to adjust and augment modern photography to make the setting appear period-correct.

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Cursed: David Sewell | Match Moving Services | VFX Supervisor | Dneg

David Sewell began his career in visual effects with INDEPENDENCE DAY. He then worked in various studios such as Cinesite, The Senate and DNEG. He has worked on many shows including WORLD WAR Z, JOHN CARTER, IN THE HEART OF THE SEA and CHERNOBYL.

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